Why You Need a Décor and Furniture Stylist for Your Big Day

Your wedding day, the ultimate celebration of love and commitment, deserves to be a feast for the senses and a reflection of your unique style. Enter the unsung hero of wedding planning – the professional wedding stylist. At a|CREATE, where décor, furniture, and floral design meet creativity, we’re here to tell you why hiring a wedding stylist is not just a choice; it’s a necessity for an unforgettable and effortlessly stylish celebration.

1. Styling Ideas That Pop

Your wild ideas, quirky dreams, and unique style deserves the spotlight. A wedding stylist is not just a decorator; they’re your creative partner. They take your concepts and weave them into a beautiful tapestry of aesthetic wonders.

a|CREATE meticulously designs a LOOKBOOK for each client that includes a wonderful concoction of ideas, inspired by international trends and your individual style. This includes all aspects of your décor and furniture on the day of your wedding. a|FLORAL will also assist with a floral styling concept that goes hand in hand with décor and furniture.

2. Choosing a Theme Made Easy

Selecting a theme can feel like choosing between a thousand shades of white. A wedding stylist helps you navigate the sea of possibilities, discovering the core idea that ties everything together. From bold and modern to elegant and romantic, they’ll make sure your theme is as unique as your love story.

3. Save Time, Dance More

Time is a precious commodity, especially when planning a wedding. A wedding stylist becomes your time-saving maestro. a|CREATE is your one stop stop for all décor, furniture and floral, but should there be additional items like special glassware, cutlery, linen, ambient lighting or draping included in the concept, they will liaising with their preferred vendors to ensure that all details are covered. They also manage the set-up and breakdown of your function as well as all the logistics to ensure everything is done on-time and within budget. So you can enjoy your day in stress-free bliss.

4. Experience That Speaks Volumes

a|CREATE doesn’t just dabble in events; it’s our way of life. With a wealth of experience and countless weddings and events under our belt, we thrive on creating fresh designs and solving unexpected hiccups with a dash of panache. Your wedding stylist should be a seasoned pro, ensuring your day is as smooth as silk.

5. Local and Venue Knowledge

Venues have quirks, rules, and hidden gems. Our creatives knows the ins and outs of the best spots in the Western Cape. We’ll suggest items that enhance the venue, highlight features, and bring your theme to life. Should the team not be familiar with the venue, a site visit will be conducted before the event is executed, to ensure that everything that is envisioned can be brought to life and will highlight the venue space.

6. Access to the A-Team of Vendors

In the vast sea of vendors, trust is everything. With years in the wedding industry, we’ve curated a list of the best. We know who can turn your vision into reality within your budget. Say goodbye to vendor-related stress and hello to peace of mind.

7. Cost-Effective Creativity

Contrary to popular belief, hiring a stylist isn’t a luxury; it’s a smart investment. Renting décor is often more cost-effective than the DIY rabbit hole. Skip the bulk buying and reselling drama, and let the professionals handle it with flair.


If you’re drowning in a sea of Pinterest boards, it’s time to call in the pros. Ensure to contact a|CREATE from the get-go for a clear direction on your ideas and concept right from the start. At a|CREATE, we’re not just creatives and stylists; we’re your partners, ready to turn your wedding day into a masterpiece of style and joy. We will ensure that every detail tells a story and creativity knows no bounds.