a|CREATE offers a variety of services not limited to decor and floral styling. We pride ourselves in providing trustworthy moving services, reliable cleaning services and a range of restoring furniture products.

Whether you are moving house, needing some furniture maintenance or straight-up cleaning, we have it all.


a|CREATE has all the resources to dress your property in the style most appealing to your customers. Not only do we own a large variety of bespoke furniture we offer a large range of services including but not limited to furniture styling, window dressing, floral & décor detail, lighting installations and the option to purchase after the rental period.

This not only allows your client to see the full potential of the space but also the option to buy it as is.


Our team can assist you in conceptualising, restoring, producing & creating of new bespoke pieces for your home or your event.


Just as we maintain our collection of bespoke furniture pieces and keep our fleet of vehicles clean, we offer the same services to our clients. We are fully equipped to keep your stock cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.


a|CREATE has a fleet of vehicles ranging from large moving trucks to smaller vehicles for transporting single furniture items or stock. Our team is reliable and guarantee on-time delivery timeously.